A Quick Look At Hagle Hall

Checking Out Hagle Hall

Last night I had three stops to make on a little photo adventure that I created for myself. The first and last stops involved the moon. They were both very high risk ideas so I wanted a third option that was a little more in my control on the night. Hagle Hall is a very new building on campus that I have not photographed yet so it was the perfect place to check out. I had a few ideas while driving to the hall, but when I arrived I ended up going a few different ways. I made a few panoramic images to get the hall and the surrounding areas in my photo, but in the end I liked this simple composition the best. I don’t think that the hall is 100% finished yet so I will end up coming back again I am sure.

An Ever Changing Campus

One great thing about being a photographer near a college campus like Purdue is that it is always changing. There seems to always be a new building to make photos of. With less sports on the schedule this year I will have more time to get out and explore campus this year. Every time that I go up there something is different so why not spend some time this year taking a closer look at campus?

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