A Nice Dress Rehearsal

A Run Through With The Moon

Last week I was up on campus watching the moon rise. I usually like to photograph it the day before it is full because it rises just before sunset giving me a little more light to work with. I had my spot picked out, and the idea in mind. My only worry was that I might run out of room as it rose. I like to have a spot with a lot of room to move in either direction to make sure that I make the photo. Here I needed another 30 feet or so to make a really cool image. I knew that things would shift the following night though, and that my wide open spot would work just fine. You can see the photo that I made that night here. I didn’t make the photo that I had in mind, but I made this one that I really liked.

The Moon And Purdue

I always associate the moon with Purdue. A Purdue grad was the first person on the moon, and a Purdue grad was the last man on the moon. That may change in the future, but for all of my life Purdue has been a huge part of the moon story. When I am making moon photos it only makes sense to head up to campus. This year I have tried to challenge myself to make as many photos of the full moon as possible. There are only 13 full moons in a year so it is a fun thing to try and plan and see if that plan can be realized.

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