Flying Through The Cold

A Hooded Merganser Flies Through The Cold

Saturday morning I was on campus making some photos of the clouds that were moving fast through the sky. You can see one of my photos from that walk in my post from Sunday. Before I went home I drove to the Celery Bog to see what I could find there. I did not stay long because the wind was just too cold for me. You can’t work a camera if you cannot feel your fingers. I did make some bird in flight photos though. This hooded merganser flew right by me and did its crazy zig zag landing technique. It is not easy to photograph, but that is why I go out there. If I can find that little bird with my focus point a ball player becomes pretty easy.

Photographing In The Cold

Like I said above I did not stay long because it was so cold. The wind just made things even harder. I started having fingers go numb pretty quickly, and it became apparent that I wouldn’t stay very long. I started using the trees as a wind break, and then I would step out to make a photo as a bird flew past. If you can make a photo in the cold though it seems to mean a little more to you as you had to go through something to make it. When it is a bird like the merganser that I have not photographed often it is even better.

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