Purdue Defeats Dayton To Improve To 15-0!

We’re Streakin’

If you count the final game last year Purdue is on a 16 game winning streak right now. If you want to know how big of a deal this is then all I have to say is that this ties the longest streak in Purdue history. That streak was set in 1908-1909. That was also the last team to win the Big Ten title before the 2012 team if my memory is correct. This team is playing really confident right now, and that makes the baseball very fun to watch. I was not planning on being at the game, but I decided to go and spend an hour at the park. I had a blast in that hour, and of course as I was leaving Purdue put up an eight spot. I missed the big inning, but got to spend an hour at the park on a beautiful day. This is a fun Purdue team, and they have a nice big test up next this weekend. Two in Normal and two at home with Illinois State. This should be a fun series, and a great way to test this team.

What Is A Midweek Game?

This is the first midweek game I have been to since 2019. It is always nice to see a different team come in for a day or two to mix things up a little. Usually the midweeks are chance to see what the younger players can do as well. It is nice to see them back on the schedule again this year.

The Mayor’s Son

The fun part about midweek games is seeing some familiar names come through town. One of those names played in the game yesterday. Andrew Casey is the son of Sean Casey the former big leaguer. Back in the day I nicknamed my daughter ‘the mayor’ because of how she loved to walk up and talk to anyone. That nickname was inspired by Sean and his nickname. It is always cool to see baseball being passed down from generation to generation.

A Familiar Jersey

I was moving from the 1st base photo well to behind the plate when my eye caught a familiar name and number on the back of a jersey. John Cummins was on the Purdue baseball team when I moved back from Iowa. I would drive a couple of hours south to see the Boilers play at old Lambert Field. My drive to the games is much shorter now which is always good. It was really cool to see a familiar jersey from the old days at Lambert.

Be Kind And Get Rewarded

This might be my favorite photo from yesterday. It was pregame, and I was going to make some photos of the last members of the team to come out of the dugout. The Purdue photographer Andrew was already in front of the dugout so I decided to scrap my idea. I came up with a new angle quickly. It was probably better than my original idea. This is the second time in the past month or so when this has happened to me. At times kindness is not something that is associated with photography. Hopefully that is something that can change. We can all make photos without getting in each others way.

Another Stolen Base

Do I sound like a broken record when I say that the top of this Purdue lineup is so exciting. Mike Bolton just gets on base. That is what he does. He has been on base every game this season so far. Once he is on base his speed changes everything. I was on him yesterday at first thinking that there would be a throw over. There was not, and Mike took second easily. Once there a fly ball gets him to third, and another fly ball scores him. That speed makes getting that first run a little easier than it normally would be. It is also exciting to watch.

More Photos From The Game

I only stayed for 3 1/2 innings so I didn’t put a gallery together after the game. I came home and enjoyed some of the nice weather. Here are a few bonus images from my time at the park yesterday.

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