A Blue Jay Joins Me In The Yard

Hanging Out Back

This morning I was hanging out on my back porch mostly just watching everything that was going on back there. You had a few squirrels getting ready for winter. Many different kinds of birds trying out the various foods in the backyard. The robins love the fruit on our tree this time of year. This blue jay jumped in there with them to give it a try as well. Even with the silent shutter I am sure that this bird knew that I was making its photos as it flew away as soon as I made this. A blue jay is a very shy bird so I will take what I can get with them.

Squirreling Away Photos

Watching the squirrels reminded me that I really need a good amount of photos ready for the winter. Each year I try and keep a few photos back for the times when photos are not happening as much. Last week I was not feeling good for the better portion of the end of the week. You can probably tell by my lack of typing just how good I was feeling. With that in mind I was not going out and making photos so my little stock pile is down a little. When I can get back out again I really need to get this stock pile up a bit. When you have to post a new photo a day you have to have a few in reserve for those times when you cannot get out there.

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