Purdue Defeats Loyola In The NCAA Tournament

Purdue Scores In The Second Overtime To Secure An NCAA Win

Saturday night I was able to be a part of something special. For the first time since 2009 the team was playing in the NCAA Tournament, and lucky for me it was at home. This is an exciting team to watch play, and I was glad for one more chance to do so. You do not expect an NCAA tournament game to be easy, and this one was not. It took a great play in the second overtime to win the game for Purdue. I had banked on the emotion coming back towards the bench. Sarah Griffith has liked to run to the bench when she scores this year. I was there to get that turn towards me. She gave the student section a great ‘are you not entertained’ pose before her teammates mobbed her. I tried to keep up with the team, and I got there just in time to make the photo above. It was a great moment for the program, and I am more than pleased that I was able to be there to be able to make a photo of it.

This Girl Is On Fire

At our volleyball matches when a server is doing well they let her know by playing a song clip that says “this girl is on fire.” This season Sarah Griffith has been on fire for Purdue. There were a few chances during the game when I had her as she was shooting when I was thinking here it is. I made photos of the game winner, but at the time I was not thinking that it would be the case. She had made a great move to get the shot off to begin with, but it was from pretty far out. That didn’t matter though. I made the photo above as the team was coming out of the locker room. They had white smoke for both teams, and the way that it was done I was caught not being prepared to capture it. I grabbed my 135mm lens quickly to make something, and there was Sarah with the smoke all around her. She was the last one out giving me a clear opportunity to make a photo. I think Sarah with smoke around her is a great way to sum up her Purdue career. She is out there to rewrite the record book entirely. It has been fun to watch for sure.

A Lot Of Help

Sarah might just be the best soccer player that Purdue has ever seen. She has a lot of help though in winning these games. When you win 1-0 in double overtime your goalie has had a big hand in that as well. Marisa Bova stopped all six shots that she faced on the night. Another clean sheet to add to her collection.

What Is Next For Purdue?

Purdue plays Notre Dame in Arkansas for a chance to move on. Notre Dame is a familiar opponent as we seem to play them often. This season we lost 1-0 early in the year, but now is a neutral field and a lot more on the line. I cannot wait to watch to see what they can do Friday.

A Special Time At Purdue

I cannot help but think that since I moved back from Iowa in 2005 that we are in the middle of the best time for sports on campus. All of the teams are playing well, and more important they are all fun to watch play. This is the time to come back to campus to watch Purdue athletics. The teams are firing on all cylinders. As I write this the women’s team just had a nice home win, and volleyball is winning in Minnesota. I can’t think of a better time to be a part of this. The fall sports momentum seems to have rubbed off on the winter sports so far.

A New Tournament

On my way back to my car it dawned on me that this was the first time I have photographed an NCAA Tournament game for soccer. Soccer is the sport that I seemed to get into the tournament action in early, but it was always conference tournaments. It was really fun to finally get some NCAA tournament soccer action in. It was even better when my team won.

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