When The Plan Doesn’t Work Out

How It Should Have Gone

The photo above should have started off a cool photo story. We have some vines in our backyard that the monarch butterflies love to put their eggs on. In the past we followed that cycle all the way through until the butterfly emerged. This summer I decided to document the entire process from egg to butterfly. What ended up happening though was not part of the plan. We would see the butterfly lay the egg, sometimes it would even hatch and a little caterpillar would start eating the leaves. That was as far as it got though. The caterpillar would disappear soon after though. The photo story never progressed from that point. We went so far as to take a leaf with an egg on it into the house. The caterpillar got a little farther along than it did outside before trying to go to the cocoon stage too quickly. It attached itself to the side of the cage and went to goo on us. This was not the photo story that i had in mind. Sometimes you have a good idea, but it just doesn’t pan out.

More Photos From The Partial Story

Below are a few photos from the photo story that could have been. I had this great idea for a post showing all of the stages, but of course that never happened. It was still fun to work and compose these images below. Maybe next year we can get the full story, but until then here are a few bonus photos from what could have been.

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