Photographing College Football: Purdue vs. Minnesota

Purdue Comes Out In Gold For Homecoming

Purdue came out with a little gold for their homecoming game against Minnesota. Early in the week I saw a graphic with gold spelled out a little different and wondered if gold jerseys could happen again. I was there against Bowling Green the last time gold jerseys saw the field. These were a bit different though, and I liked them. Maybe it is just as a photographer you love something different to key in on.

Photos In The Rain

On the way to the game Saturday I saw forecasts that called for a little rain in the fourth quarter of the game. That wouldn’t be so bad. Of course it rained the entire game, and really just piled on in the third and fourth quarters. I don’t mind the rain so much. It kind of weeds out the photography pool. It forces you to work harder to make good images.

Hold On Big George

When I am on the same side of the field that George Karlaftis is on it only makes sense to put the camera on him. He will make a good photo in some way. Saturday was a day where they just kept on holding him. As the game went on it seemed like the holds were more and more egregious. When you are getting away with it why not keep it up? The amazing thing is that after being held on this play by two players he was still able to get through and force the issue. He really is a special player.

Cliff Comes Home

When I moved back from Iowa and I was able to attend Purdue games in person again one of my favorite players on the field was Cliff Avril. He was fun to watch as a player at Purdue, and then also in his pro career. There are moments all of the time when I am reminded of how lucky I am to do what I do. Photographing Cliff was another great reminder of how far I have come with my photography. From my seat in the stands to standing with Cliff at the fifty before the game.

The Rain Is The Story

I usually try and come up with a theme for my photos each week. I want some sort of thread that will help piece everything together into one good story. Usually homecoming is an easy game. You just focus on all of the people that have come back. This year though that was not the case. It could have been the virus or just the rain that kept them away. My theme unknowingly on game day shifted from happy alumni to rain. Looking through my gallery there are some highlights, but I don’t see the story from the day. When Wisconsin comes to town hopefully I can tell a story throughout the day.

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