A Rainbow At The Athletic Complex

Chasing Rainbows

Last night I was out on the back porch when I spotted a rainbow in the sky. Normally when you see a huge rainbow you do not have time to get anywhere. I decided to try anyway and I hopped in my car with no where special in my mind. I started driving and remembered that there might be a game at the West Side athletic complex. I really didn’t know if I had the time to make the photo, but I decided to try. As I was walking towards the stadium I was hoping that it would just stay a little longer so that I could make a photo. I made this photo just before the snap of the ball. This is the result of stitching eighteen photos together to make one large panoramic image. I wanted to try some other things with football, but in my haste to leave the house I just threw on flip flops so I didn’t want to get in the mix too much.

Heading To Soccer

With a title like that I really wish that this was a header photo for you. I was shocked that the rainbow was still visible so I ran over to the first game of sectionals for soccer to make the photo that you see above. If you look at the scoreboard you would see that there was only fifteen seconds left in the half when I made this. Had I realized how late in the half it was I might have been a little more efficient getting to this spot. I was still able to make a photo that I had in mind so I guess I really lucked out.

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