Ten Years Of This Blog

Ten Year Ago I Had A Crazy Idea

It is hard to believe, but ten years ago today I had a crazy idea. That idea was to make a photo a day for 365 days. I could have waited to start it with the new year, but I decided that you should never put off something that you could do that day. I went to the Central Catholic football game with my camera in hand hoping to make a good photo. I made the photo above of Danny Anthrop reversing the field on a punt return on his way to a touchdown. At the time I really thought that I should find a way to get the photo to Sports Illustrated. I look at it now and realize what it is.  It is probably the best that I could do with my old Canon 60D and the kit lens that I had on it.

Ten Years Of Old Posts

Those early posts are still up on the blog. Most of those photos I wish people would never see, but they were part of the journey. There are some bad posts, but then there are moments like the one above where I had realized my dream and I was on the field at Purdue. Who would come running at my camera? Danny Anthrop of course. I was still using my Canon 60D three years later, but this time I had a 300mm lens on the end of it and a little more practice.

Still Photographing Anthrops

Here we are ten years later, and I am still photographing members of the Anthrop family playing football. I made this photo during the throwback game a couple of weeks ago. It is amazing how at some level I have been making photos of these two brothers for the entire length of this blog.

What Is Next?

This blog started as a way to post my photo a day project. If I posted the photos and people would come and look at them I thought that it would help me complete the project. I had so much fun posting that I kept the party going after the year was over. I still tried to keep the content fresh, but I would post some older photos from time to time. The goal was to have a photo that I have not published on the blog every day. It is kind of crazy that I have been able to keep this up for ten years. Even crazier is how I have been able to adapt and make content this last couple of years. Right now I a having fun writing this blog. At times finding the new content can get crazy, but it keeps me motivated and making photos.

This year has been by far the best year of the blog as well. By mid September I broken my record for the most views in a year. With a couple of months to go in the year everything from here on out is just padding the record. With that in mind I think that I will keep this project going. Tomorrow starts day one of the next ten years of this blog. It is amazing to me just what I have been able to do and post about on this site over the last ten years. If you had told me what I was doing now back then I would have laughed at you. Hopefully I can improve as much with my photography in the coming ten years as I did in the first ten years.

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