The Entomologist Wears A Mask

The Purdue Statues Masking Up

The other night while walking campus I saw this statue masked up and thought that it might make for a good photo. It would at least be a time capsule of this crazy time on campus. I have been looking for new ways to photograph campus, and additions to the things that are there are a good way to do just that. By the time this pandemic is over I will probably have run out of ideas for campus completely.

Wearing A Mask

It is funny how political wearing a mask has become. I have had people make comments to me as I am walking campus because I have a mask on. I don’t look at it as a big deal. It is just like wearing a shirt on campus. I really don’t want to have one on, but it is more for others than me. If wearing an extra piece of cloth can help things get back to normal quicker it is not a huge deal. Of course just after making this photo I stumbled on a photo shoot in sight of the Protect Purdue signage where nobody involved had a mask on. I am starting to think that this thing is going to last for a while.

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