Star Trails Over The Boilermaker

Boilermaker Star Trails

Last night was clear and perfect for star trails. I went out with an idea to try some at the bell tower. The spot isn’t the best, but it could work. As I was driving past athletics I had the thought that the Boilermaker statue would work great too. I decided to try that one first to see what it looked like. I set up my main camera, and then set another one up nearly under the statue to try something else. The first setup looked okay, but it was on a hill, and must have just barely moved during the nearly hour and a half it was running. I probably can fix the photo, but after seeing what came out of my other camera I decided not to bother. This view directly under the statue came out amazing.

Wide Or Tight?

I really like the cropped in version of my picture. When I was setting up I went as wide as possible knowing that I would crop in a little. I never thought I would crop so much, but I really like getting in tighter. My original camera angle was one with this in mind so it makes sense that I went back to that look. Which crop do you like better?

Why Do The Stars Look So Good?

It really seems like I am able to do more with stars lately then I could in the past. I have a crazy theory and that is that with less people out and about the pollution has gone down enough that I am able to see more stars than normal and make photos that normally would be harder to do. Everything is going back to normal it seems like so I had better make my photos while I can.

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