30 Days Of Baseball Photos: #15 Great Light At Bob Warn Field

The Light Hits Perfect At Bob Warn Field

The light doesn’t always hit as good as you want it too. Far too many times the perfect light happens when your team is on the other end that you want them to be. Here in 2017 the light fell perfectly with my team in the field. You have the player in the light with the background in shade. It didn’t last long, but it was amazing when it did.

Getting Creative With Your Edits

This was the beginning of me seeing things differently as far as editing goes. I turned this photo in as a color photo with minimal work done to it. Then I made this edit for myself. A few photographers that I really like were doing some great edits that had a film look to them, and I started trying to emulate that myself. I would turn in the photos with my normal preset on them, and then I would apply my film type edits for myself. This began a process that is still going on. Part of the fun of this break has been tweaking some of my presets and trying some new things. I have finally settled on a few things, but every preset is always ready to have some change done to it.

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