31 Ballparks Of May: #20 Wrigley Field

The Friendly Confines

If you follow me in any way then you know that I love my White Sox. I am not the biggest Cubs fan in the world. With that said it is pretty cool to spend a game day at Wrigley. Last week I saw a social media post from the Cubs showing the empty stadium with the happy organ playing in the background. That is a tough pregame to beat.

Under The Overhang

There are many spots in this park that show you how parks used to be built. Sure there are obstructed view seats, but some of this has some charm to it.

My Favorite View

This might be my favorite view of the park. I have not been up here in a while though, and the park has drastically changed since I made this photo in 2012. With the new videos boards Wrigley feels smaller to me for some reason.

A Day At The Park

I made this photo in 2009. Looking at it now I think about all that has transpired since that time. I don’t make MLB photos, but you never know when that opportunity could come knocking. I find that I attend far fewer MLB games now because of the fact that I want to make photos. I miss these days sitting in the stand and keeping score though. When this whole thing is over I think that I need to do that again.

A Concert In The Park

I have not been to a baseball game in this park since 2015. I thought that I would for sure this summer, but right now nothing is set in stone. I can’t see a way that baseball is played in front of crowds this year. I actually had concert tickets for Wrigley again this summer, but as with almost everything else that has been cancelled too. Here is one of my favorite Wrigley concert photos.

A Pivotal Moment

In 2015 as I was watching this walk-off win by the Cubs I thought that I was watching a possible World Series preview. Of course it didn’t happen, but the Cubs took care of business the next season. I had a moment though while making this photo. I couldn’t be down in on the action, but making the photo from my seat it taught me that it was also important to sometimes capture the entire scene. We can get focused on making the tight photo of the celebration, but sometimes the wider angle can tell a little more of the story. I have tried to keep that in mind when covering events over the years.

The Famous Marquee

We made a special trip to the park while in Chicago a few years back so that I could test out a lens. The Tamron 17-35mm was up to the task and allowed me to make this photo. What wasn’t up to the task was my editing at the time. I really thought I was on to something with this edit. Thankfully I have muted thins a bit.



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