Scarlet Tanager Time At The Celery Bog

Getting A Good Look At The Scarlet Tanager

This is one bird that looks great, and doesn’t seem to stay too long. I saw a few Saturday night, but never in a good situation to make a photo. Sunday morning though as I was getting ready to leave I saw this female in a bush. I opened my trunk back up and grabbed my camera to make a few more photos. I am glad that I did as this bird gave me some great looks.

A White-breasted Nuthatch Grabs A Quick Bite

I spent a little time watching this white-breasted nuthatch hunt for food. I love watching this bird year round, and when the warblers come I tend to forget about them. Here though I knew if I watched long enough that I would be able to make an interesting photo. It grabbed a few meals, but never in a good spot for photos. This one was perfect though. I am glad that I made a little time to watch this guy.

A Blackpoll Warbler Sighting

I had not seen one of these birds until Sunday morning. My first and only sighting of the year was a decent one. We all want every bird to fly right up to us on the perfect perch which doesn’t happen. I was happy with what I was able to do here.

Another Golden-winged Warbler Sighting

As I was watching the tanager at the top of this post I noticed a bird up higher eating something. It was a golden-winged warbler. I don’t see many of these at all so this was a treat. I only had a couple of seconds with it before it took off deeper into the woods.

The American Redstart

Both Saturday and Sunday were good days for seeing the tanagers and redstarts. This immature male gave us a little show just before the first round of rain hit. I of course being the terrible birder that I am thought that it was a female, but an actual good birder came by and let me know what it was. I am glad for people who know way more about this than me. A year ago they were still yellow bird, blue bird, etc. At least I know some names now.

Getting Closer With The Hummingbird

On Saturday morning I made my first hummingbird photo of the year. I talked about wanting to make better and better photos as the summer moved on. The next day I think that I did make a better photo. At some point though I will be a little closer and in a better situation with this bird. It is still good to see that they are back. Now come to my house so we can have a few photos sessions!

Another Kingbird Sighting

It seems like my days have been starting off with this kingbird. When one of these lands near you it is a good start to the day. I have not seen them really in action yet this year, but they have posed for me quite a bit.

They Grow Up So Fast

The baby ducks have been in season at the Celery Bog lately. I have seen several groups of them, and just the other day I saw my first batch of geese.

A Northern Waterthrush Scene

I have been trying to do more photos showing the scene. That is to say the environment that the bird is in. Here this northern waterthrush looks for some food on the shore. I have had better luck with this bird this spring than all of last year. They have been more concerned with food than me.

Don’t Forget The Robin

While I was looking for warblers this robin perched very nicely right in front of me. I ignored it and went about looking for warblers. It started making a lot of noise so I looked at it again. I asked if it wanted its picture taken and it got quiet. I made the photos, and the robin stayed quiet and watched me do my thing. I wish all birds were this willing.

The Catbird

This is a bird that had a corona cut before it was fashionable to do so. These birds are plentiful so I don’t always give them the attention that I do the birds that are just passing through. This one was on a good perch though so why not?

Take A Step To Your Right

This Swainson’s Thrush was posing for me just off the path so I stopped to make a couple of photos of it. Something just seemed off. I took two steps to my right and put more green in the background, and I had a photo that I really liked.

The Week In Photos

Last week was another week dominated by bird photos. I did manage to get out and make some other photos as well. You can see my favorite photos from last week here.

What Rain?

My morning was almost shortened by rain. I had gone to the car to leave when it let up, and I saw this tanager just off the gravel lot. As I was making photos of the bird it started to rain again. The bird must have been thinking the same thing as me as it looked up at the rain.

One Reply to “Scarlet Tanager Time At The Celery Bog”

  1. More lovely shots. The ducklings win my heart today. I see that Naperville, IL where we used to live is having a great deal of flooding. Of course in Arizona we’re not even having rain. 🙂


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