Sunrise Over Purdue

Watching The Sun Rise Over Purdue

I have to admit something. Since this stay at home order was issued I have reverted back to more of a college sleep schedule. Getting up for the sunrise has not really seemed like an option. With a new drone though and the clouds obscuring the sunset the night before that is what happened yesterday. The sunrise did not happen like I had hoped it would, but it is always fun to watch.

Stitching 30 Photos Together To Make One

Of course I couldn’t just go and make one photo. I did that, but I wanted to really try something. I could have backed my drone up to get all of this in the frame, but it would have looked like I did that. I made six sets of 5 bracketed images that I stitched together to make this one large file. By doing this I have a much higher res file which is always nice. This could look great on your wall because of that. If you click the image it will take you to my SmugMug site where you can make that happen. The 25% off code of “Purdue” at checkout still applies to this image.

The DJI Mavic Pro 2

Right after I bought my last drone this was one released. That is always my luck with camera gear. When I buy something the next one comes out right after it. This looked like a great drone, but I had just bought one. The price came down enough that it was finally worth buying this one. I love the 20mp sensor, and it is a Hasselblad as well! I have only flown it twice as of this writing, but it has been worth it both times. No buyers remorse means that I made a good decision.

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