Outside Of Alexander Field

Hanging Out At Alexander Field

This is the time of year where I should be spending a lot of time inside of Alexander Field. Of course with everything going on that did not happen this year. That has been a hard thing for me to wrap my head around. I love photographing all sports. Baseball is by far my favorite though. To have a year go by without getting to do that is just unimaginable to me. I think that being outside of these stadiums still making photos is a way for me to sort of try and do something with baseball. I am by far not the only person feeling this way. In fact I am so far down the chain of people who should be upset by this. You have the coaches and athletes who spent so much time getting ready for this season. I am just a fat man with a camera that makes photos of them. It will be great when we can all be on the field together again.

This Way To Alexander

I saw this photo a couple of nights ago while making some other photos. I didn’t have the gear to make it at the time. When I made this one I came from another photo session so I didn’t bring my longer lens again. I still think that there is a photo here. While I like this one I think that I can do better. I love the idea of the lit path leading you to the field though. What do you think? This photo kind of represents the isolation of right now as well.

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