Arriving Home At The Rookery

A Heron Arrives Home At The Rookery

While sitting at home during the stay at home order I saw that a heron rookery was located just down the road from me. If you follow this blog then you know that I enjoy making photos of great blue herons. Seeing their nesting home would be an awesome experience. I did not know exactly where the rookery was, but seeing the photos of the trees and knowing a general location I was sure that I could find it. I was very lucky and I found it right away. It is amazing just how these herons work together to get through this time. It was very cool seeing these nests up close. I only wish that I had know this was happening sooner so that I could have made some photos of the nest building process.

Never Get Too Close To A Rookery

As you would expect getting too close to the herons young will not make them very happy. It is actually against the law, and of course the herons may come for you before the cops ever could. Luckily this rookery is well off the road on private property. From the public grounds off to the side with a long lens you can make some cool photos from afar. Here I used my Sony 200-600mm lens with the 1.4x extender on it.

Making The Best Out Of The Situation

I made this photo when I just went out to scout out the nest. I wanted to see where the nest was first of all. Then I wanted to know where the light would fall on it best. The light was still pretty much still harsh overhead light at this time. I had planned to come back, but I thought that I would make a few test photos just to see what kind of detail I could get. Back at home I hated the washed out sky so I did something about it. I cranked up the white balance to give me this orange sky. Sometimes it is fun to play around with a photo to get a look that you like better. This could have been done with a filter in the field so I don’t feel bad about doing it in post.

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