Getting Back Out To The Celery Bog

Heading Back Out To The Celery Bog

I really have not spent much time at the Celery Bog the last couple of months. March was a slow month, and I have already gone twice this month so maybe things are turning around. Who knows how much longer parks like this will remain open so I had better make all of the pictures that I can when I can. I really enjoyed my walk yesterday. It was good to be back out in nature even if I had to share it with far more people than I normally have to.

The Fortnight In Photos

Once again I have posted my favorite photos from the last couple of weeks. When this thing struck I was thinking about putting this little feature on hold. I decided to go to every other week instead of every week. What I found is that I make better choices about what to put on the page when I do this. I will have to see what I want to do when things go back to normal. You can see my favorite photos from the last couple of weeks by clicking here.

Reflecting On The Last Couple Of Weeks

Things seemed like they all fell apart a couple of weeks ago. My work was gone, and I didn’t know what I was going to do. The last couple of weeks have been great though. I have been able to spend time with family that we normally wouldn’t have been able to spend. We are rarely all home together for any length of time, and this has made that happen quite a bit. While it isn’t the best of circumstances it has made me realize just what is important.

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