Purdue Men’s Basketball Senior Day

The Regular Season At Mackey Arena Closes Out With Senior Day

This was a game that I was not required to be at, but I always love to be a part of senior day. The emotion is real, and I love capturing the emotions of sports. This year there was an added bit of drama as both teams were playing for a shot at the NCAA Tournament. A loss for either and it was probably only a possibility after winning the Big Ten Tournament.

Senior Day

This was a weird senior day. Only one four year player on the team. He was a walk on for his first two years before getting a scholarship. Each one though brought something big to the team. There was a lot of love for each of them as they gave their speeches. It was great to hear Tommy Luce get one last home ovation. I was happy to be able to catch a few moments of each of the players.


Intros are a weird thing to photograph. At this point of the season I feel like every idea has been used. As you pile on years it seems like you can do nothing new. Sunday though I was lucky with nobody in between me and the intros from this vantage point. It let me make a photo that I have had in my head for a while now. Luckily for me nobody jumped in the middle this time.

The First Half

I spent the entire game from the same seat. When I am not assigned to the game I don’t have a spot to sit in. On Sunday I chose to sit on the Maryland side for the first half rather than stand on the Purdue side. I try and make photos with Purdue in mind as they play defense, but every now and then something happens good for the other team that I really like. This near dunk by Ron Harper Jr. is one of those moments. He really got up there, and for a second I thought that I had something amazing. As a huge Bulls fan in the 90’s it was cool to see a legacy out there making plays.

The Moments Between The Moments

In this age of pushing out images as fast as we can I always feel like I am missing the little moments that I like to capture. I am always tagging or sending photos in between plays. Sunday I focused more on getting these images. This photo of Nojel I think shows what a great personality that he has. He is really having fun with the official and the opponent.

The Cliz

Before the game I knew from a tweet that something was going to happen at halftime. When I saw the governor of Indiana with the Sagamore of the Wabash award I had a feeling of what that could be. It was great to see Purdue honor Cliz during the game. He is fighting hard right now, and I am sure that ovation he got had to make him feel great.

The Floor Remote

During the second half with Purdue heading my way I put my 24-70mm lens on the ground in front of me as a remote again. I don’t know that I nailed any one photo with this remote. It is there as a backup and an additional way to make images. I do love using it though as I get to show off a little bit of Mackey with it.

The Basket Remote

Charles the Purdue photographer allowed me to place a remote under the opposing teams basket for both halves. A rookie move meant no photos in the first half. The Harper play would have been amazing, but my camera timed out because I set it up too fast. During the second half though I thought that it captured a couple of cool moments. These cameras are never meant to make many photos. A couple is enough to break up the gallery and make something interesting.

One Last Photo

I was walking off the court with all of my junk in disarray when I saw this pair of kids yelling for Tommy Luce. Judging by the shirts they are family, but it was a really cute scene. This was my last photo in Mackey this year. Not a bad way to go out.

The Week In Photos

As I write this the week is not yet over. There is still plenty of time to make a good photo. In fact if my idea for tonight works then you will be reading this post on Tuesday. This was a fun week with one actual tournament game, and one that felt like one. Here is a link to my favorite photos from the week.

The End Of Basketball Season?

At this point of the year I have no idea what the future holds for basketball. As I walked out of Mackey Arena I was thinking that this could be my last basketball game of the year. As a freelancer you never know what is next. This could have been my last game in Mackey. Who knows what next year will bring? While I am ready for baseball season to come north I have had a blast this basketball season. I really don’t want it to end. That is not always the case. The last couple of years have shown me that basketball season can be really fun. Selfishly I hope that both Purdue teams play in the NIT at home so that I can photograph them again. As a fan I want to see them both on the road in the NCAA Tournament. The next week will let us all know what to expect. As you can tell by this long winded post I am not ready for basketball to be gone just yet.

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