Time To Focus

Having Some Fun On The Campus Of Purdue

Yesterday I had about an hour to kill so I decided to take advantage of the snow and make some snokeh pictures. For some reason I didn’t like what I was seeing out of my camera. The sky was very light for a snowy day, and the snow was just not showing up. For fun in front of Ross-Ade Stadium I decided to make my subject out of focus. For some reason the snow popped more this way. I then decided to pick things that were easy to recognize, and then put them all out of focus. The focus would be more on the snow here. It was a fun little experiment, and some of the photos turned out better than I expected them to. Sometimes you have to take something that you have photographed many times and find a new way to look at it. This was a fun was to do just that.

Just To Prove That I Can Focus

I did make a couple of photos in focus just to prove that I know where that button is on my camera. This was actually the first photo that I made on my trip around campus. The snow was really coming down at this point. The name under the sign looked new to me so I decided to start here. The thing about any part of campus is that it always seems to be changing. What you document today will be totally different down the road.

More Photos From My Walk

Here are the rest of my photos from my short walk around the athletics portion of campus. It is amazing how something as simple as pulling focus could change how things look. The Boilermaker statue is one example of this. The building in the background looks horrible in focus. When it is blurry though it adds some pleasing lines to the photo. With a better sky I will try something else with it one of these days.

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