The King Of The Celery Bog: The Piney Squirrel

The Piney Squirrel Rules The Celery Bog

While out walking the Celery Bog I notice one thing over and over. One of the smallest creatures out there seems to rule the joint. It is the mighty piney squirrel. More often than not when you see something running away from another creature it is a piney squirrel doing the chasing. Where the mute swans used to rule the water the piney squirrels rule the ground.

The Many Faces Of The Piney Squirrel

Above are a few photos of the piney squirrel that I have made over the last couple of weeks. I will admit that I don’t go out looking to make these photos, but when I see an opportunity I won’t pass it up.

Lying In Wait

The mighty piney squirrel was just waiting for me to come by to attack when I saw him here. Once they element of surprise was lost I felt safe enough to make a photo. When you see a hole in a tree as you walk just think of the mighty piney squirrel that could be inside of it waiting to attack.

4 Replies to “The King Of The Celery Bog: The Piney Squirrel”

  1. Such good framing on the header photo, Dave, and that last one is a gem. Often these days, squirrels are almost the only creatures I see when I walk except for all the geese and it’s often silent except for the distant traffic noise (which my mind tends to ignore most of the time) and the sound of squirrels eating nuts. 🙂


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