Photographing College Basketball: Purdue vs. Indiana

Diving Right In

I love it when I can start the week with a good game. Maybe it is the fact that I have my photos of the week post every week, but I feel better when I can have a good Monday. A rivalry game with some great emotion is a great way to start the week off. Purdue had a great run in the second half to get Mackey louder than I can remember it for a women’s game in quite some time. I made a lot of photos last weekend so I am a bit behind on the blog. It is rare that I get this far behind, but in the winter I will take having more content rather than scraping to have something to put up. I would always rather have something new on here. By the time this post goes live it will already be game day again for the Boilers. This team has all of the pieces to make a run. I am looking forward to seeing that come to fruition.

Trying Out The Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8

When I switched over to Sony I started looking for my under the basket basketball lens. The Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 lens was about $2,500. The Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens was $879. My immediate question was would I miss that extra 4mm? I studied the lens online and saw a lot of people talking bad about it. People saying it was slow focusing and not always accurate. That combined with the extra 4mm made me go with the Sony. I really wanted to try the lens out for myself to see if that was true. Monday night I was finally able to do that thanks to my friend Mark Elsner. What I found was a very capable lens that never failed. This is just more proof that you can never trust what you find online. You have to try things for yourself to see if it is right for you.

Tracking Mode Makes It As Easy As 1, 2, 3, 4

I have come to love the tracking modes on my Sony cameras for certain sports. The camera locks on to the athlete and lets me recompose while sticking on them. I decided to try it out during the game to see how it would react to people crossing in front of the player. It worked very well with me only missing a couple of photos because of it. I think that I made more photos because of it. I really need to use this more than I do.

Working On The Remote Problem

Since I switched to Sony I have had more trouble with my remotes than ever before. I replicated everything that I used to do with Canon with about 50/50 success. Part of my night Monday was working out this problem. I had one minor problem early on, but then it worked fine the rest of the night. What I found was that even the slightest wiggle from the cable in the port on my handheld camera would trigger the remote. At one point it came a little loose and I saw my remote firing away at 24 frames per second. Somewhere in that multi port on the side of my camera is the answer to my problems. I did find a lot out though on Monday that maybe will end my frustration.

Dragging On The Monday After The Super Bowl

Many Americans are dragging on the Monday after the Super Bowl. I was having a good day, but still decided to spend some time dragging the shutter. I really wanted a shutter drag of a player going up for a shot. I had two that I got extremely lucky to freeze the action, but my luck ended there. In both of those cases a defenders hand is blocking part of the face of my player. I was having fun 1/15th of a second at a time.

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