Oh Deer!

The Deer Of The Celery Bog

A few days ago I was heading out of the Celery Bog after making some nice photos. I didn’t think that it could get any better than that. I saw another photographer very still making photos so I stopped in my tracks. I looked to where he was photographing and saw two small deer. I made my way up there, but I didn’t have a clean look at them. It was then that I noticed mama in the back. I moved back down the trail where I knew that I had a good angle on her. I made a couple of photos, and then I moved on.

Never Shut Your Camera Off

I have learned to never shut my camera off until I get to my car. Whenever I do I run into something really cool. I was leaving to pick up my kids so I was hustling out of the bog. I am glad that I was still paying attention because I was able to make a couple of good photos on my way out of the bog.

2 Replies to “Oh Deer!”

  1. And don’t move too fast. I’ve often flushed deer that I didn’t see because I was walking at an exercise pace. Then I get a good view of the white underside of the long tails as they bound away. I’ve caught the bounding once or twice, but usually they’re gone into the tall grass or forest too quickly or I only have my phone.

    That’s the conundrum of walking for exercise when I also see things I want to photograph. 🙂

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