Photographing College Basketball: Purdue vs. Illinois

Spending A Thursday Night In Mackey Arena

I was not scheduled to photograph the Purdue women’s basketball game on Thursday night. They have been so much fun to photograph though that I decided to head to Mackey to catch the first half of the game. Of course once I got there I couldn’t leave, and I ended up staying three quarters instead of my intended half. One nice thing about photographing the women’s games is that it is easier to move around. You have the same restrictions on where you can make photos from, but far less photographers in those spots. You can change up your look much more.

Using Your Tools

I talk about my new Sony cameras a lot. I keep hearing things like the camera does not make the photo. That is very true. You have to use your tools to their max though, and these A9’s have a couple of features that I love using. The flip out screen lets me put my camera right on the ground and still follow the action. For sports like basketball it really lets you show off the athleticism of the athletes much more. You can make the jumps look higher, and the players look that much more larger than life. I spent a good portion of the first half with my camera on the ground using the screen to follow the action. This was part of the reason for going to the game. I need to hone this new skill. As I am doing this I feel more like I am making video rather than making pictures. Photographers usually have their cameras pressed to their face. It feels good to break out of the norm a little bit. Time will tell if this is a fad for me or if it will stick.

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