Top 19 Purdue Photos Of 2019

My 19 Favorite Purdue Photos From 2019

Every year as I make this list I vow to get out and make more photos of campus. I really want to, but for some reason I only do so in spurts. Maybe it is the fact that I am so close that I try and wait until the perfect time to head to campus. When you have a  cool campus like Purdue nearly everyday is the perfect time. Once again as I write this I am telling myself to get to campus and photograph it more. Here are my nineteen favorite photos of campus from last year. Remember that you can purchase any of the photos by clicking on the photo itself. From now until the end of January all prints are 25% off with the coupon code ‘Purdue2019’. This would be a good chance to hang some art on your wall.

19. This is a part of campus that I have not photographed very much. The Purdue hedge just always seemed too cliche to me. Of course when you are walking by and the light is right you stop and make a photo of it.

18. These first two photos were made on the same night. I was on campus scouting for a project in some great light. I liked the idea of incorporating the sign for the 150th anniversary of the school in my photo.

17. Drone photos of this clock tower are always fun to make. I never want to be above the tower, but near it and just low enough so that the tower looms over the horizon and campus. This is a way to make the tower look a little bigger.

16. While we were away on vacation the university had a big celebration for the 50th anniversary of alum Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. I missed all of that, but found these footprints still on campus when I got back. I have always enjoyed this photo.

15. Speaking of walking I made this photo just before my photowalk in October. I was overwhelmed with the amount of people that showed up. I still think that I did a terrible job trying to talk to everyone, but I was only one person.

14. This is a photo that I didn’t like when I first made it. The harsh light made the sky wash out a little too much for me. When I realized what it would look like in black and white it became an instant favorite.

13. This is a part of campus that I don’t get to photograph nearly enough. On a fall day I was walking around the Voss sculpture and I made this photo. I need to get out there more often.

12. For a couple of years I waited for this building to be finished so that I could photograph it. Of course when it was finally done I never made it out to try it. I made photos where it was incidentally in them, but never the subject. This fall I decided to make it the subject of a photo.

11. This is another photo from my photowalk on campus. I didn’t make many photos that night, but this was one that I really enjoyed making.

10. Every summer we make our way to Loeb Fountain for a run. I apologize in advance if you have seen me shirtless running through it, but it is for the kids. This was one of my favorite photos from this past years runs.

9. On the 4th of July I had big plans for this photo. I had heard that the fireworks would be so much higher this year. Of course that was not the case. They all ended up behind Mackey Arena out of my sight. This photo from the neighbors shooting some off prior to the big show was my favorite from the night.

8. I don’t know that I have ever been around a person that has touched as many people as Tyler Trent did. I was not paid to be at his memorial on campus, but I felt that I couldn’t stay away. Something told me that I had to be there. The amount of students that showed up to pay their respects was just amazing.

7. When you post a photo a day you try and make the same trip last for a couple of days. This photo was made at blue hour on the 4th of July before I walked over to Mackey Arena. At first I thought that maybe I could make it work for fireworks if they were high enough, but I quickly realized that they would never be high enough for this photo. It would have been a cool way to help mark the 150th anniversary of the school.

6. This fall was a weird one. We never really got the big change in leaves. When it did come the wind and rain (and snow) knocked them all off quickly. I do like this aerial though of one of my favorite parts of campus.

5. Until this year I had made plenty of photos of the Purdue Memorial Union Christmas tree in the union. I had never photographed or even saw it being brought into the union. It is a chore for sure, but they manage to get it in and up. This was my favorite photo from that experience.

4. When Purdue put up the new arch on the south end of campus I knew that I wanted to make a photo of it quickly. The first couple of trips there the sky did not cooperate with me. On this night it did. You will see another photo from near this spot shortly.

3. This is a spot on campus where I never really thought that I made a good photo before until this one. I love the layers of fall leaves in the photo. I finally have a John Purdue photo that I like.

2. I love fall on campus. Here the leaves lead you from Ross Ade Stadium directly to Mackey Arena. At this time of year the seasons for sports is shifting as well. I love the way that this image turned out.

1. On my first trip to this location I had the idea for this photo. I knew that it would work, but I needed the sky to cooperate with me. I made some test images, but kept the idea close to my vest because I wanted to make this image first. You need an ultra wide lens and some luck with the sky to make it. I also knew that this seal was just finished and it would never be cleaner than it was at this moment. When I walked back to this spot later in the fall I realized that I had made the photo at the right time.

Bonus: Of course as much as I like the photo at #1 the photo with my daughter making a photo is probably my real favorite of the year. It has become a theme on this blog, but every time that she goes out to make a photo with me is special. It makes me enjoy the photo that much more. I can’t wait to see just how many photos we make together this year.


This was a fun year making photos. It was also a fun year to put these ‘best of’ galleries together. As I said above until the end of the month all of my Purdue photos are 25% off with the coupon code ‘Purdue2019’. There is never a better time to put some Purdue wall art on your wall.

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