A White Breasted Nuthatch At The Celery Bog

A White Breasted Nuthatch Grabbing A Bite At The Celery Bog

I made this photo on my first trip to the Celery Bog this year. I had made a couple of nice photos that I liked and I was on my way out of the woods. I did not turn my camera off yet though as you never know what you will find. This nuthatch was very close to me on the trail, but extremely backlit. The photo wouldn’t do so I started moving towards my car again. It then flew in front of my on the other side of the trail so I could get a closer look. I love it when things work out.

Attendance Is Key

Wildlife photography definitely takes skill. You need to be able to capture the moments when they happen. The biggest key to making good photos though is just attendance. I was an OLS major in college. At some level you have to just keep going and going so that the little moments happen to you. I kept thinking about that on this walk. Just being out in nature allows the little gems to happen. None of the photos on this day were planned. They were all little moments that I saw on my walk.

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