The Purdue Memorial Union Christmas Tree Arrives

Seeing The Arrival Of The Purdue Memorial Union Christmas Tree

Every year for our family includes a trip to the Purdue Memorial Union to see the Christmas tree. We have only seen it once it is inside and decorated though. I have never seen the tree being brought in. Monday afternoon I decided to change that. I hopped in the car and made my way down to campus to see just what this was all about. Of course the task of putting the tree up was every bit as hard as I imagined that it would be. Just getting that big thing through the door looked like an amazing feat. Getting the thing upright then was even more amazing. The workers that do it though look like seasoned pros as they know just what to do. Seeing it come in will give me a greater appreciation when I see it fully decorated.

Coming Prepared

I was not being paid to be at this event. I still brought two cameras and three lenses though. I wanted to make sure that if I had an idea I could see it come to life. I had both of my Sony A9 bodies, my 24-70mm, my 12-24mm, and my 85mm lens with me. I never used the 85mm lens, but having the ultra wide on another body allowed me to quickly grab it, and make a picture like the one above. I am glad that I had it with me because I think it was my favorite photo of the day.

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