Fireworks Over Mackey Arena

Fireworks Over Mackey Arena

When the city of Lafayette announced that the annual fireworks would be moved I scrambled to find another spot to photograph them from. I didn’t want to repeat any other years, but at some point you start to run out of places to be. I went to campus with another idea in mind, but realized that it wouldn’t work very quickly when I got there. I came up with the idea to photograph the fireworks from the steps of Ross Ade Stadium looking towards Mackey Arena. I knew that the fireworks would be over Mackey, and if they were as high as advertised I would have a cool photo. They ended up not being that much higher, and the shot I had in mind didn’t pan out.

When You Luck Into A Backup Plan

While waiting for the main show to start I made a few photos around Mackey. As I was thinking about compositions I noticed a neighbor having their own firework show. They weren’t shooting them off very consistently, but I could hear the report when one went up so I immediately hit the shutter button. If my main plan worked then I had a safety to fall back on. When all of the fireworks were done for the night this ended up being my favorite photo. It is funny how that works sometimes.

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