Fireworks At Purdue

Watching The Fireworks At Purdue

Every year I scramble at some point to find a good spot to photograph the fireworks with the campus of Purdue in the background. There really is not a great spot to do so. I always need to be a little bit higher than I can get. I have an idea for this year, but as I write this I am still trying to see if that is something that I can do. Last year I picked a spot to get the fireworks and the bell tower in the same shot. Once again I would have liked to have been much higher than I was, but you can’t always win. I felt that I made some photos that I liked last year. Where is your favorite spot to make fireworks photos?

How To Photograph Fireworks

A few years ago I put this little tutorial together with some basic tips on photographing fireworks. You can find that tutorial here. Most of the time this is a simple operation. When you add an object like in the photo above that is lit as well you must find a balance so that everything has enough data to make a good photo. Enjoy the fourth and the fireworks tonight!

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