Finally Seeing PNC Park

Finally Getting To PNC Park

This week I finally made the trip to Pittsburgh to see PNC Park in person. I have had tickets multiple times in the past, but life always got in the way. The most memorable trip that was cancelled was in 2003. The Pirates were going to play a doubleheader against the Cubs that day. A job interview in Iowa came first though so I never made the trip. It was nice to finally get there though, and kind of ironic that they were playing the Cubs that day.

Taking It All In

It is hard to believe, but this was my first MLB game in nearly three years. I love to watch baseball, but it has been hard for me to do so since I started photography. I would rather photograph a game somewhere then just sit in the stands. This was a good couple of days in Pittsburgh to help me just sit back and relax and watch a game. Since we missed the beginning of this game I didn’t keep score. In fact I spent a lot of the game exploring the stadium with my little one. She has not been to stadiums this big very much, and it was fun to see just how she saw the experience. I didn’t see my first Major League game until just before my 9th birthday. The trip was actually for that birthday. Here is my little one at five and she has already been to three different MLB stadiums. She leads a different life than I did as a kid for sure.

Luck Is On Our Side

This trip was only supposed to feature one baseball game. We were going to the Wednesday game with travel days on both sides of that. We listened to the first two innings on the way into town even driving past the ballpark. A rain storm provided the two hour rain delay that let us get settled in and a meal before getting to watch five innings of baseball. On a baseball road trip you need a little luck. Here we seemed to have a lot of it on our side.

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