A Red-shouldered Hawk At The Celery Bog

Watching The Red-shouldered Hawk

As I was getting ready to leave the Celery Bog one day I had a couple tell me that a hawk was just hanging out in a tree just down the paved trail. I walked down there with no luck. As I turned around to walk back to my car I spotted it. I then spent the next hour or so watching it take off and hunt for whatever it could get its hands on. It kept taking off away from me so I never got that in flight shot that I wanted. It was still fun watching it work. At one point it sat on this perfect branch giving me a great shot.

Taking Tips In The Field

I don’t get a lot of tips at the bog. It seems like the best tips that I get are from people just out for a walk. Most of the birders that I run into tell me that they haven’t found anything that day. You then log onto eBird to see that they had a great day. It is some weird competitive thing I guess. There are a few like me that will tell you what I saw and where I saw it, but they seem to be few and far between. I think that when you share with others it makes the hobby fun for everyone.

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