Lafayette Aviators vs. Danville Dans

The Lafayette Aviators Walk Off The Danville Dans

Yesterday we watched a battle between two very good Prospect League teams. Danville is stacked, and Lafayette is not too shabby either. These two teams battled it out until Lafayette took the game in the 10th. We actually left in the 8th as the weather did not look the best, and I had a daughter and a camera system that didn’t want to get wet. While we were there though we had a blast.

The Week In Photos

This week two Aviator games make the week in photos. I really need to get to more game. Next week I will have images from a MLB game in there as well. Nothing from the photo well, but from my seat. I haven’t been to a MLB game since the end of 2016 so it will be good to get back out to the park. You can see my favorite photos from last week here.

The Purdue Connection

This team now has three Purdue connections on it. I like seeing familiar faces, and faces that I will see again. I think that Purdue baseball is ready to rise so it is cool to get an early look at the future.

Working The Photo

With a delivery like the one above I found that the usual stuff was not working. A long time ago I watched a video by National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore where he talked about working the photo. You keep trying things until you find the angle that is best for you. Here I really liked the end result, and it was worth working through everything to get to it.

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