White-Fronted Geese At The Celery Bog

A Different Kind Of Goose At The Celery Bog

Most of the year the Celery Bog is filled with Canadian Geese. I have been chased by a few as I rode my bike past it in fact. For a while this time of year we get some white-fronted geese to look at as well. I normally don’t make geese pictures, but anything different is good so I spent some time last week making photos of these new geese as they moved around. If they stayed around long enough I would probably ignore them, but for now it is fun making a few photos of them.

Coming In For A Landing

These things are so much fun to watch land. They use the wind to help them glide in right where they need to be. Sometimes it seems like they are almost parachuting down the way they come down nearly straight. It is something to watch for sure.

More Photos

I doubt that I ever write about this goose again on the blog so here are a few bonus photos from my day at the bog last week.

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