More With The Mute Swans Of The Celery Bog

The Killer Mute Swans Of The Celery Bog

While at the Celery Bog on a recent trip I saw one swan swimming very fast towards another one. I made some photos of the swan swimming as it reminded me of a boat going across the water complete with a wake. The swan suddenly turned and made a move straight at another swan. I never expected anything to come of it so I started watching a swan that looked like it was ready to fly. Just then I heard some loud slaps which turned out to be two swans slapping each other with their powerful wings. That quickly escalated into a full out brawl right in front of me. It was a crazy experience that I never thought that I would see.

The Bullies Of The Bog

A few weeks ago I talked about the mute swans at the Celery Bog. You can see that post here. I was talking about how they remind me of the classic Monty Python sketch with the old ladies that walk down the streets bullying everyone. These mute swans are very similar in that they just enjoy swimming and/or walking around bullying whatever creature they come into contact with. You can see above how they love to make a run at the geese making them fly away.

A Big Crowd For The Fight

The amazing thing about the fight between the swans was the way that the geese all started making noise and walking over to watch it. I cover a lot of sports so I am used to big crowds for events. This was crazy though as they made their way closer to watch it, and did what I thought was cheering. It was not the normal goose sound, but it sounding like they were chanting “fight.” I am sure that they weren’t, but it did remind me of the fights that you would see in the hallway at school. I wish that I had brought along a wider angle lens to show the scene that happened in front of me. It was the most entertainment those geese would probably have all day.

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