Day Two Of The Fred Wilt Open

Day Two Of The Fred Wilt Open

Day two of the Fred Wilt Open was much busier than day one. With action all over the place it was hard to stay in one place very long once the running events started. When you are busy though the day flies by, and before I knew it the meet was over. Sometimes being busy can work out. While photographing running and throwing events I shot back at the pole vault hoping to get something I ended up making a nice photo of a cleared attempt. The distance combined with my focal length really brought the action right into the stands. I liked how this turned out.

Starting Off Right

Above is my first photo that I made on the day. It is nice to get something good right off the bat. It gives you a little confidence. That confidence allows you to take more chances throughout the day which can lead to better photos.

The Week In Photos

With the extreme cold and a sick child I didn’t get out much in the middle of the week. I really tried to make up for that during the weekend. Here are some of my favorite photos from last week.

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