West Lafayette Football Scrimmage Against Harrison

My First Real Football Action of 2018

In less than three weeks my football season will officially start up. It is a huge Big Ten game under the lights. I really don’t want to walk into Ross Ade stadium with no football shooting under my belt. My plan is to photograph a couple of games under the Friday Night Lights to get into the swing of things. This was a rough shoot for me. I ate dinner with my family so I was pretty late to the game. Once there I made a couple of pictures that I liked, but that was mostly luck. I found that I am pretty rusty. I might be that or the fact that there is no real way to predict what is coming next in a scrimmage. It could be a run, a pass, or the refs could move the ball in one direction. Next week West Side is hosting a huge local game, and that should be a better test. When I first moved here I didn’t have any real local favorite. After watching my nephew at West Side for four years I have a clear local favorite. I don’t get over there as much as I should, but I do have fun when I do.

A Beautiful Football Sky

Early in the high school season you end up shooting in some great light. I was on my way to the stadium last night when the sun poked out of the clouds for a couple of minutes. That would have been tremendous light to shoot in. I did stick around until sunset though. The sky was amazing, and luckily the play came to me so that I could make a nice photo. Sometimes you lose in one spot, but you luck out in another. That was the case last night. I really hope we get another great sky next week.

More Photos From The Game

Here is a link to more photos from the game. The gallery is unlocked so you can download whatever you want to use for personal use. I was not at the game very long, but I did have fun in the short time that I was there. The real fun will start next week though.

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