The Purdue Volleyball Tune Up

Photographing At Holloway Gymnasium Again

Last year was a crazy year for me. After photographing the Purdue volleyball team a lot in 2016 I only photographed the team once last year. That was at the early season scrimmage. This year will be much different, but it was nice to see Holloway again so early in the season. I have a few games lined up in there coming up in the next month so it will be fun to get back into the swing of shooting in there.

Tuning Up

This event was called the Boilermaker Tune Up. The team was tuning up for the regular season. I was tuning up as well. As I said above I shot a couple of matches last year, but nothing too much. I had some ideas on some things to try so why not get out and try them? I only took my 400mm lens to kind of challenge myself. If I was going to capture something it was going to be up close.

More Photos From The Match

Here is a link to some of my other photos from the match. I did a poor job covering the event, but I was really there to work on a couple of things. I only had the one camera and one lens with me. I did make some photos that I liked though, and when the season starts for real I will be ready.

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