Dancing Shoes

Recital Weekend Is Here

Every year I spend a weekend away from the sporting world, and in the dancing world. This school year we had two recital weekends. For the spring show Saturday is all about the dress rehearsal. That is my chance to get out and photograph the girls as they run through their routine in costume with all of the lighting that they will have on recital day. I can get right up on stage and get the photos that I want to get. On Sunday the day of the show I can then sit back and watch the show. It is weird not trying to capture moments, but relaxing as well. It is amazing how far the girls come in a year with their routines. The oldest has become the star of her group. Maybe that is my biased eyes talking, but she really commands the stage. My youngest is just out there having fun and hamming it up. That is what I love about the dance classes that they take. It is serious business, but not at the expense of fun. We really found a great place for the kids to dance at.

The Week In Photos

This was a fun week to make photos. There are plenty that did not make this weeks edition as I had a couple of really fun shoots with some young individuals that are private, but still very rewarding for me. Those are the shoots that keep the lights on, but are more behind the scenes. Out of the public stuff it was a very fun week. It was recital week as I talked about as well as my first Purdue baseball game of the year. They did not finish the game, but I had some fun making pictures in the rain. You can view my favorite photos from the past week here.

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