A Short Story About The O. Henry Home

O. Henry And His Time In Austin

As a kid I was introduced to the short stories of O. Henry. The stories always seemed to have a little twist that I liked. When you are reading books for grade school kids they all seem to follow a pattern. After a while you don’t have to finish the story to know what happened. O. Henry was a little different. I never took the time to learn much about the man behind the stories though. Imagine my surprise when we walked right past the house on our way to get my wife a Starbucks.

Using The House As A Tool

I was maybe a little too excited to learn about the house. When my step daughter wanted to know more I used the house to talk to her about O. Henry. She is really getting into reading, and his stories would be right up her alley. We talked about how cool his stories were, and then when we made it back to our hotel room we downloaded a few onto the iPad for her to read. One thing that I will always let me kids do is read, and this home was a great way to introduce her to a new author.

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