Another Walk Around The Celery Bog

Going Back To The Celery Bog Again

This week I don’t have a lot of free time. I really needed some time for myself though so I made an effort to head to the Celery Bog yesterday morning for some of that. I really love how peaceful it is there, and it is a lot of fun trying to make good pictures there. Photographing birds is not easy at all. After trying to do that for a few days photographing athletes seems much easier. I love the practice, but also the patience needed to get the shot.

A Near Miss

I don’t know how or why it happened, but a great blue heron landed about thirty yards away from me yesterday. I sat quietly and watched it for a while, and then it went into hunt mode. By then it was not concerned with me so I put my camera up to get ready for the shot. The bird dove into the water, but came up empty. Had it caught a fish we both would have had a big catch. It was still a cool experience though.

Squirrels Everywhere

One thing that you notice at the Celery Bog is the fact that there are squirrels everywhere. You have many opportunities to photograph them, and they will sometimes even pose for you. That is what I thought this one was doing here. Actually I think it was in the “if I don’t move he won’t see me” mode, but it still made for a cool photo. This squirrel was in front of a huge cache of walnuts inside of a tree. This had to be the palace that all the squirrels hope to have.

Using the Canon 7D Mark II

The last time that I was at the bog I had my Canon 1DX on my Tamron 150-600mm lens. As I said in that post I feel that the 1DX just drives the lens better. I decided to take the 7DII out there to test it out one time though. Just as in the past the focus seemed a little slow. It just doesn’t acquire subjects like the 1DX does. It is still a good camera, but I think obviously for moving subjects the 1DX is much better. With the huge price difference between the two it makes sense.

One More Shot

I actually stayed much longer than I should have at the bog. I kept finding one more shot to make. This heron posing led to a group of baby ducklings swimming by. There is so much going on at the Celery Bog at one time. I don’t know why it has taken me this long to visit.

More Photos From The Trip

Here are a few bonus photos from the walk that I thought I would share. It really doesn’t take long out there to find something interesting. If anyone knows the name of the yellow bird chasing the sparrow please let me know.

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