Purdue Baseball Takes On Michigan

Purdue Battles The Rain And Michigan

Last night I was lucky enough to be at the Purdue baseball game against Michigan. It was a pretty darn good baseball game that mother nature decided to interrupt. It rained off and on for most of the game, but not like it did at the end. With four outs to go the umpires couldn’t wait any longer. The tarp had to be put on the field. Purdue made a nice comeback to take the lead. They were threatening again when the game was delayed. The game will be made up tomorrow afternoon when hopefully the weather is a little better.

Photographing In The Rain

I am one of those weird people who always wants the bad weather to come. When the rain really started to come down soaking everyone I was not upset. It made for some interesting pictures. After the game I tweeted one of the rain photos and mentioned that my gear was protected by my Think Tank rain jackets. Of course I brought rain gear for my cameras, but not myself. I guess you can see what I really value.

A Little History

It has now been six years since Purdue won the Big Ten Championship. Five years ago Ben Turner their SID believed in me enough to give me a pass. By the next season I was shooting the team in an official capacity. It is not lost on me how instrumental that first pass was. Everything that has happened since can be traced back to that pass five years ago. It is crazy just how I have not made a game yet this season at Alexander before last night. It was nice to get back to Alexander to shoot a game this season. Unless something crazy happens with the game time today this will be the last game I will get to shoot there as well.

Bring Out The Flag

Before the game I was ready to make some photos from field level when I saw that they were bringing a huge flag out onto the field. I did not have much time to debate so I decided to run down to the field to make photos from the flag looking back towards the stands. A drone would have been the best bet to capture this scene, but that is probably highly illegal. I like this look, and it gave me a chance to break out my 11-24mm lens.

Back At Alexander Field

At one time I think that I have photographed more games at Alexander Field than anyone. I am probably still pretty close. It is a great place to photograph a game, and it is right in my backyard. I was not blessed with great light during the game, but I did find a cool scene here. This is a great stadium to photograph a baseball game in, and I need to try and find time to do more of that in the future.

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