A Morning Walk At The Celery Bog

Taking A Walk Around The Celery Bog

After making the heron photo earlier this week I was looking forward to heading back to the Celery Bog to see what I could find. I knew that I had stumbled upon something, and I had the thought of just not going back. It seems like I luck into photos the first time that I am somewhere, and then I don’t have that kind of success again. There is enough going on at the Celery Bog that I knew something would happen though. Even if I struck out completely it was still a nice morning walk. A good way to get about three miles in before the heat of the day came.

Using The Tamron 150-600mm Lens

I bought this lens with wildlife in mind. In sports I often think that I could use bigger glass, but most of the time you can move to make up for that. In wildlife you would always want something bigger. I think that I could have a 1200mm lens out there, and still need a little more. You don’t want to disturb the wildlife, but you need to get closer. The Tamron 150-600mm lens lets me do just that.

The Indigo Bunting

Thanks to another photographer I was able to identify the Indigo Bunting. I love making photos of the birds, but often I am lost when it comes to identifying them. If you have ever seen me identify flowers it is much the same principal. Birds are blue birds, grey birds, or red birds. There are so many it is mind boggling to me that people can name them all. With that said I can see where it could be possible. Thankfully I have some help in identifying the birds sometimes making that part of this thing more fun.

More Photos From The Walk

I had some fun yesterday if you couldn’t tell so here are a few bonus photos from the walk. I tried to photograph a little of everything that I saw so that you can see just how many things you can photograph in a short period of time.

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