Watching A Blue Heron Get Breakfast

A Blue Heron Gets A Meal

I will be honest. When I stopped at the Celery Bog to make a picture it was going to be the mature bald eagle that was perched on top of a dead tree. That was the photo of the day. I noticed a couple of herons hanging out though including this one that had a nice reflection in front of it. My eye was on the eagle, but I noticed a fish jump near this heron. It perked up a bit so I swung the camera over to it. The behavior of the heron changed completely, and then it dove into the water! It came out with a nice blue gill and proceeded to reposition it for eating. It was a cool process that only lasted a few seconds. Sometimes you don’t get the shot that you came for, but something much better.


Using the Tamron 150-600mm Lens

This lens is one that I have been on the fence about. I don’t ever feel like I can completely trust it to get the shot. With my old 400mm lens I know that it will only miss when I am at fault. With this lens it jumps erratically at times. Lately for shots that I am doing for fun I will take it though. I was using it on my Canon 7D Mark II for the ‘extra reach’, but ever since I started using it on my Canon 1DX I have had better results. Maybe the camera drives the lens better. Here I could have used a little extra to reach out to the heron, but it is a good shot for what it is.

The Inspiration For This Photo

While shooting the MVC Track and Field Championships I had the pleasure of working with Jim Sullivan. Jim is a phenomenal wildlife photographer, and looking through his images inspired me to get out and make some images of my own. You can view some of his work here. It is great to work with someone that inspires you.

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