Indiana State Baseball Gets Their First MVC Win of 2018

Indiana State Beats Missouri State To Win Their First MVC Game of 2018

At long last my recaps from the weekend are now complete. It is only Tuesday, but as I said yesterday this is not a news site so I can take my time as I feel that I need to. Yesterday I also promised better news, and this is it. After a couple of close losses Indiana State got the bats going. As I always say baseball is a funny sport. After winning nine in a row the team lost three in a row by a total of four runs. One hit in any game could have changed the outcome. The hits kept coming Saturday afternoon on a day when the bats were hotter than the air temperature.

Photographing Jeremy Eirman

One of the top prospects of the 2018 MLB Draft will more than likely be Jeremy Eirman. He is a shortstop that from what I saw covers a lot of ground with a lively bat. Part of the fun of covering college baseball is seeing these elite prospects come through town. I will be watching the draft this summer to see where he ends up.

Keeping It Simple

After having remotes and multiple cameras going Friday during the doubleheader I kept it very simple Saturday. With rain coming and going I just had my Canon 1DX mounted on my Canon 400mm lens. That was freeing in a way as it forced me to work with that to make my photos.

The Week In Photos

Last week was fun with a lot of baseball. Early on it was great weather that quickly turned into a snowstorm by Sunday night. Hopefully the weather changes a bit, and as I write this it seems as if it will. We had snow on the ground yesterday morning, and expect severe thunderstorms today. This time of year anything can happen, and my weekly look at my favorite photos could have anything in it. Take a look at my favorite photos from last week here.


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