Indiana State Finishes Off A 20 Inning Doubleheader

Indiana State Drops Game Two Of A Doubleheader in 11 Innings

Thankfully this is not a news site as this game happened on Friday afternoon. After a game one where Indiana State only lost by a run they did so again in the 11th inning of game two. This was a great game that quite honestly I was not ready for to end. After 20 innings of baseball Friday I was still ready for more. As I drove home that night I really hoped that Saturday would not get rained out, and that Indiana State would have a chance to get that first MVC win of the season. (Spoiler Alert: I am in the future and they did play, and get the win.)

Setting Up The Remote

With two games being played and good weather in the forecast I set up a remote for action at the plate. The thought behind this was that with so many plays at the plate early in the season that I would make it so I could be in two places at the same time. I set up my remote on top of the first base dugout pointed right back at the plate. Then by positioning myself away from the remote I could get two angles of any play at the plate. Wouldn’t you know it that not one close play happened at the plate in 20 innings? That is how it goes sometimes. I did get some nice batting angles though during the game. This is a concept that I plan on trying out a bit more as the season goes on.

Getting The Fielding Shots

Over the course of the 20 innings I seemed to be doing pretty well getting shots of the players making plays in the field. With the Missouri State left handed heavy lineup it seemed like a good bet to just point my camera at the second baseman. I ended up with plenty of shots of him by the end of the day making a play in the field. One of these days I will nail the line drive shot, but that is just luck to some extent. For now the routine grounders will do.

The Week In Photos

Last week was a week filled with baseball, and that is always a good thing. Four games in five days is what I wish every week would have. You can see some of my favorite photos from last week on my Exposure page here. It starts with warm, sunny baseball and ends with a snowstorm. What an April this could turn out to be. This week will be a bit of a change up with some track thrown in, but just as much fun to cover.

Having Fun With A Frozen Ball

During both games I was having some fun ‘freezing’ the ball as it made its way to the plate. This seems like a hard task, but it actually quite easy to do. The hard part is getting the writing on the ball to show. That is in some way luck as well as it really depends on the pitch. Will the ball rotate the right way through the zone of focus that you have set up. The way that I do this is to find a spot where the ball and player will intersect. At Bob Warn Field I can only do this from an elevated position so I must move over a bit from where I would do it from near ground level. I then pick my spot that will be in focus, and fire away as the ball comes through that zone. This can take some patience as I think it looks better with the NCAA logo in this case showing. In game one I thought that I had my shot. By game two I tried it again and thought that I had nailed it. That shot is the first photo above this section. The photo below that one is one that I did much later in the game. I am glad that I did as I love the way that it looks. The slight smile on the pitcher’s face makes the photo for me.


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