An April Fool’s Snow

Snow On April Fool’s Day

Remember when everyone was excited about the blood, super, blue moon? It wouldn’t happen for a few years so everyone went out to photograph it. Snow coming down on Easter which also happened to be April Fool’s Day seems pretty crazy to me. For most of the early snow we were at Easter dinner with family. As we were driving home the light was fading, but the snowflakes were picking up. I grabbed my camera and ran outside to make some pictures. I am sure that my neighbors are used to it by now, but I bet they still think that I am crazy.

Trying Out a New Toy

When I went out I took my Canon 5D Mark IV with my Canon 100mm Macro lens on it. I did that to play with my new ring light for that lens. For some of my macro work I bought a Yongnuo YN14EX ring light. I wanted to pop a little light on the snowflakes. Since I had a pop up flash on my Canon Rebel I have tried to light snowflakes up. I think that it gives them a much cooler look than just random specs flying by the lens. It looks like a look that some people can do in Photoshop. I am not good at Photoshop at all so I have to do things in camera.

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