Backstage At The Ryman

Seeing Behind The Scenes At The Ryman

I spent a little extra money while in Nashville and took the guided tour of the Ryman. It was well worth the money. Seeing all of the backstage areas with all of that history was pretty cool. The one drawback at least for me was that I couldn’t take any pictures. That is too bad because there were some photos to be made back there. I made this photo during the self guided tour where you can make photos. I loved the light and the way that it played with the scene here. I had a color version of this that I liked, but this black and white just worked for me a little better.

What Does That Look Like In Black and White?

Some photos just look better in black and white for some reason. The question above is one that I ask a lot when I see photos. Sometimes the black and white just takes the color out so that you can focus on what is important. Here it makes for a simple image.

The Week In Photos

My time in Nashville was pretty amazing. When NCAA sites were being talked about this was the site that I was rooting for. There was a reason for that. I wanted to explore a bit more than I was able to the last time that I was down there. My week in photos from that time was pretty fun to put together as it was a fun week to be a photographer. You can see my favorite photos from a fun week here on my Exposure site.

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