Leave The Light On

Photographing a Great Light

Last year when we came to Austin and made our way into the condo where we were staying the first thing I noticed when I got off of the elevator was this light. I made an iPhone picture of it, but my regret when I got home was that I did not make a proper photo of this light. I have no idea why I like it so much, but it was just interesting to me. So of course the first night we were back I made a point to photograph this light. Thankfully no one came by as I was laying down in the hallway in front of someones door making the photo. Since this would be my last visit to this condo I was glad that I was able to make this photo.

Visualizing the End Result

As I have progressed as a photographer I have gone through some phases. Early on you think that you are far better than you are. Then you start to realize that you are crap. Then you start to be able to visualize what each lens will give you. You know what you need for what shot. After a while you start to visualize your post processing for certain photos. As I was lying on my back making this photo I had the idea for the post processing that you see above. The way that the light was spilling off onto the ceiling just seemed to lend itself to this. It was fun to get the photo into Lightroom to see my idea come to life. Sometimes the editing is half of the fun.


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