The 2017 Lafayette Christmas Parade

Watching the Lafayette Christmas Parade

Last night after the girls dance recital we went downtown to eat dinner. We also knew that with the Lafayette Christmas parade going on that we would catch a little bit of that. I went out with the little one to watch the first 70 or so entries go by. Of course I grabbed my camera when I did. It is fun watching the looks on the kids faces as the floats go by. We lucked out and found a spot with some great light to enjoy the parade from. The photo above is probably my favorite of the night. The light was just working all around here as the Lafayette Central Catholic state champion volleyball team came by on a float.

Finding The Light

Late in the parade we went back out to watch Santa go by. We found a great spot to sit in on the curb across from the Lafayette Brewing Company. The only problem with that was that I lost my street light above as a lighting source. Coming from dance I did not have a flash on my so I tried to just work with the little light that I had. A little fill flash would have been nice, but at the end of the day didn’t really matter. It was all about seeing Santa Claus! When the old boy came by we were so excited! It is really hard to beat the joy of a child this time of year. I had job offers on the road this weekend, and I am so glad that I stayed home.


The Boilermaker Special

It is so much fun to see the Boilermaker Special riding around with the Indiana hat on the cow catcher. This was my first chance to get a glimpse of it since the big win. The best part about the special during the parade is that it makes multiple trips down Main Street. This was the first trip of the night in some pretty good light.


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